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About Us


High Performance Volleyball Academy believes every athlete desires to improve and is capable of exerting the effort necessary to become a better player. HPVBA will provide a safe, secure and healthy environment where each athlete will have an equitable opportunity to be a good teammate, experience personal growth and achieve the Highest Performance possible.

At all levels, High Performance Volleyball Academy will provide and implement appropriate training opportunities to assist each athlete to achieve her personal level of High Performance.

We realize that club volleyball is a major commitment of time and resources and HPVBA will strive to provide an excellent value for the time and money spent and provide a platform from which each athlete can move forward having had a satisfying and enjoyable experience.


  1. CULTURE: The foundation of the club is based on training our athletes.
  2. PLAYER & TEAM DEVELOPMENT: Practices include extensive skill and position development to improve both the individual players and cohesive teams. Our environment assures quality training and a team centered atmosphere throughout the club.
  3. COACHING EXCELLENCE: Qualified and experienced coaching staff with an average tenure of 10+ years. Our staff consists of 8 local high school varsity coaches along with several JV/Freshmen coaches and program assistants.

Come be a part of our continuously growing club, constantly improving coaching staff, and player first club atmosphere!


Elite Sportsplex
2200 Mall Dr. East
Waterford, MI 48328